WCDO’s experts and consortium companies have been involved in Municipal Projects in over 120 countries. Our Advisory Board and team are Global Leaders with the knowledge, track record and skills in the creation of New Cities and preservation of the environment.

We Provide Expertise In:

Collaborate between all levels of local, regional and state governments and public and private cooperation and participation.
Mobilize new financial resources for investments geared towards sustainable and efficient development
Identify problems faced by cities and municipalities and seek solutions through scientific and technical expertise.
Conduct studies on the economic, social, technical, physical and environmental aspects of towns and cities.
Reflect on trends in the evolution of cities and urban policies.
Seek international financing for research programs (UN, EU, World Bank, etc).
Advise engineers and architects on sustainable development projects.
Work with international town planning and management organizations to ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly growth.
Enable cities to implement their urban management and development projects.
Preserve the cultural identity of cities.
Foster cooperation and exchange of expertise between member cities