WCDO is a non-profit urban research, technical and consulting organization with branches and partners all over the world. WCDO is specialized in the affairs of towns and cities, and acts as a forum for exploring issues and challenges common to all international urban towns and cities.

Our Aims:

  • Enhance the quality of municipal services in towns and cities.
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge, practices and experiences between governments and their partners.
  • Promote urban sustainability.
  • Innovate to find solutions to the problems faced by 21st century cities.
  • Promote financial and technical assistance to metropolitan areas in developing countries.
  • Preserve and promote historical characteristics and cultural architecture within towns and cities.
  • Provide Governments and Developers with sustainable solutions that is cost-effective and adds value to the project.
  • Design and develop (in partnership with Governments and developers) ideal cities to LIVE, WORK and PLAY that future cities want to emulate.
  • Invite Green tech companies worldwide to participate and provide the best solutions.
  • Create “Friendship Monuments” on suitable sites that will promote World Harmony and Understanding.
  • Emphasis on Sustainable Community Practices, Balanced Living, Lifetime education, R & D, High speed connectivity and Maximizing Employment opportunities within the city.
  • Work towards Zero carbon and Zero waste.
  • Produce Showcase projects eg. Amazing Passive Solar Designs, Positive Energy Buildings, Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP), etc.
  • Help push and promote Cost-Effective and Value-Add Solutions in creating sustainable Cities.
  • Selecting world-class green experts and companies to join our consortium to build green cities and infrastructure.